Features of EWN-R series

High resolution
The stroke rate can be set with 1spm increments in between 1 and 360spm. The stroke length adjustment further assists fine adjustment that the stroke rate adjustment cannot reach. Contentious precise chemical feeding is now available.
Multi voltage
The use of the multi voltage circuit design allows the pump to work anywhere in the world.
A wide variation
In addition to the standard type of PVC, GFRPP, PVDF or SUS316 pump head, B- or C-type drive unit and each diaphragm size, the high compression type for gaseous liquid transfer (sodium hypochlorite, etc), the high pressure type for power injection (boiler compounds, etc) and the high viscosity type for viscous liquid transfer (polymer liquid. etc) are available.
Built-in controller
The EWN-R has the mode of 1:1 operation, multiplier/divider programming control (digital signal) and proportional control (analogue signal) and can dedicate itself to a particular purpose by selecting a suitable mode. Also, the flow rate indication can be converted from spm to L/H or GPH.


Max. discharge capacity range 38 – 420 mL/min
Max. discharge pressure range 0.2 – 1.0 MPa
Main materials PVC, GFRPP, PVDF, SUS316
Stroke rate 1 – 360 spm
Power supply AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Liquid temperature range PVC type: -10 – 40˚C
GFRPP type, PVDF type, SUS316 type: -10 – 60˚C
Viscous liquid Please contact us for details.
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.

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