Features of GM-J series

Automatic gas elimination circuit (PAT.)
The pump has no gas locking trouble because the gas generated in operation or stoppage is automatically removed through bubble removal pipe which is installed at the top of pump.
Seal-less non metal construction
Magnet drive seal less construction. No metal is used for wet-end parts.
Non pulsation precise injection
Free from pulsation like reciprocating pump and flow rate is proportional to rotating speed enabling pulse less precise injection by means of rotation speed control (PFC control).


Max. discharge capacity 1.78/5.93 L/min
Max. speed 1800/1800 min-1
Main materials SiC
Power consumption 0.4kW
Liquid temp. range 0 – 35℃
Viscous liquid Please cntact us for details.
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.
Sealing method Seal-less construction

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