1. Purpose of business continuity plan

The purpose is to fulfill the responsibility for the supply of products and services to customers.

2. Basic policies in business continuity plan

We formulate our business continuity plan based on the following basic policies.

  • Protect life and safety of employees
  • Restore business organization and functions quickly
  • Maintain management and secure employment

3. State of emergency (declaration of a state of emergency)

We declare “a state of emergency” and implement the business continuity plan in the event of any of the following:

  • Large-scale natural disasters
  • Large-scale accidents
  • Wars, conflicts, and terrorism
  • Large-scale information system troubles
  • Others

4. Basic framework of business continuity plan

In accordance with four crisis phases, we plan actions in advance for each phase to take optimal responses.

  • Phase1: Collection of information, grasp of damage, declaration of a state of emergency, execution of the business continuity plan
  • Phase2: Restoration of head office functions, restoration of communication functions (restoration of system), organization of project team

  • Phase3: Restoration of product supply

3-1. Supply products from inventory of plants and warehouses
3-2. Supply products by partial resumption of production, using parts stocked at each plant
3-3. Examine and realize an alternative production site
3-4. Support and cooperate with partner companies that suffered damage for the resumption of production
3-5. Supply products with delivered parts and fully resume production at each plant

  • Phase4: Restoration of services and resumption of sales activities

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