1956 Iwaki Co., Ltd. established
1959 Started manufacturing and sales of chemical pumps
1963 Head office moved to Iwamoto-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
1965 REI-SEA Co., Ltd. established
1966 Technical Center construction completed
1968 Osaka sales branch office established
1969 Nagoya sales branch office established
1970 Hiroshima sales office established
1971 Kyushu sales branch office established
1973 Niigata sales office established
1974 Saitama plant construction completed
1977 Miharu plant construction completed
1977 Sendai sales branch office established
1981 Sapporo sales office established
1981 Takamatsu sales office established
1983 Shizuoka sales office established
1985 Iwaki Europe established
1986 Kumagaya sales office established
1989 Iwaki Singapore established
1989 Iwaki Malaysia established
1990 Iwaki Taiwan established
1990 Head office moved to Suda-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
1990 Matsumoto sales office established
1990 Iwaki Italy established
1991 Iwaki Maintech Co., Ltd. established
1991 Iwaki Thailand established
1991 Iwaki Australia established
1992 Iwaki Nordic established
1992 Iwaki Hong Kong established
1993 Iwaki France established
1993 Iwaki Switzerland established
1993 Mito sales office established
1993 Iwaki Sweden established
1995 Iwaki Finland established
1996 Saitama plant and Miharu plant obtained ISO-9001 certification
1997 Iwaki Norway established
1997 Iwaki Guangzhou established
1997 Iwaki Spain established
1998 Iwaki Netherlands established
2000 Iwaki Belgium established
2001 Iwaki Korea established
2001 Iwaki Shanghai established
2002 Nishi Nippon (West Japan) Business Office established
2002 Iwaki Guangdong established
2005 Saitama plant and Miharu plant obtained ISO-14001 certification
2008 WALCHEM CORPORATION was acquired, trademark changed to Iwaki America
2009 Iwaki America acquired and merged Iwaki Pumps Inc.
2009 REI-SEA Co., Ltd. and Iwaki Maintech Co., Ltd. were acquired and merged
2009 Iwaki Europe acquired Iwaki Netherlands and reopened as a branch/td>
2016 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2016 Iwaki Brazil established
2016 IWP TRADING (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. established
2016 Techno Echo Co., Ltd. was acquired
2018 New Technical Center construction completed
2019 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2019 System office established
2020 Iwaki Europe acquired Iwaki Nordic
2021 Techno Echo Co., Ltd. was merged
2022 Moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

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