Rotary displacement pumps with distinct construction for transferring viscous liquids and slurries. World’s first chemical gear pumps equipped with fine ceramic gears, hose pumps capable of transferring solid substances, tube pumps for multipurpose use from research laboratories to general industrial use, and sanitary type rotary pumps. Iwaki is working on various technical innovations of pumps.


  • Suitable for transferring viscous liquids and slurry liquid (screw pumps)
  • Pulse-less metering transfer (gear pumps)
  • Ease of maintenance (rotary pumps)
  • Easy to handle (tube pumps)
  • Capable of transferring highly viscous, solid substances (hose pumps)
Main applications
  • Chemical and paper processing
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Food processesing
  • Research and experiment plants
  • Drainage, waste discharge, recycling treatment plants

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