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Iwaki’s production system, namely quality assurance system

Iwaki’s production system, namely quality assurance system

Many customers regard Iwaki products as “Do not breakdown easily”.

This is because of integrated production system concluding in a single booth starting from assembly to inspection, and up to packaging.

Iwaki calls this “Quality Assurance System”.

In addition to latest equipments installed in the plant and rigorous control of materials used, the way in which every single employee is engaged with products has resulted in the enhancement of product capabilities not found in other companies.



ISO14001 certified JQA-EM4848 (Saitama Plant, Miharu Plant)
ISO9001 certified JQA-1173 (Saitama Plant, Miharu Plant)

Saitama plant

2-1-4, Hirosedai, Sayama-shi, Saitama, Japan 350-1328.
TEL. 04-2954-5121 FAX. 04-2954-9090

Saitama Plant

Completed in 1974 as the main production plant of Iwaki. After that, latest product technologies and production systems were implemented for efficiently manufacturing high-mix, low-volume products, and today this plant mainly manufactures large magnetic driven pumps, metering pumps, and processing products such semiconductor related products.

Miharu plant

40-1, Oaza Takanosu Azanumanokura, Miharu-cho, Tamura-gun, Fukushima, Japan 963-7725
TEL. 0247-62-5771 FAX. 0247-61-1065

Miharu Plant

Current Plant 1 became operational in 1977 as a mass production plant for compact magnetic driven pumps. After that, due to increase in production items, Plant 2 and Plant 3 were additionally built, and apart from the implementation of CIM systems, cell production method was also implemented very quickly. At present, this plant manufactures over 900,000 units of compact products for OEM such as MD series of compact magnetic driven pumps, which are mainly exported to overseas markets.