Diaphragm type air pumps APN series

Built-in air pumps assure a long operating time
Addition of a BLDC motor models to the APN-P110 series

BLDC motor
Addition of a BLDC motor models to the APN-P110 seires (AC powered motor pumps). Use of a BLDC motor allows the pumps to be fitted to 24VDC power supply free from AC power limitations.

Speed control with 1-5VDC signal.

Parts sharing
Use of the APN-P110 pump head drastically reduced the needs of parts development.



Max. flow 28 L/min

Max. discharge pressure

0.1 MPa
Max. vacuum 23.99 kPa
Handling gas temperature 0〜40℃
Output 25W
Rated voltage DC24V
Mass 3.3 kg


Performance curves


Max. discharge capacity range (50/60Hz): 0.6 to 100/0.7 to 110 L/min

Compact air pumps featuring superior durability







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Features of APN series

Capable of transferring clean gas

The pumps in this series are of the diaphragm type and excel in airtightness. The pump keeps the handled gas clean while compressing, suctioning, and transferring. Therefore, this pump is ideal for gas analysis and for suction and exhaust of special gas.

Wide variety of models

All pump models in this series are available as standardized single or two-heads in parallel or series. This wide variety of models, combined with various material compositions, makes it possible to handle any type of gas.

Superior durability

The pump uses a new type of diaphragm that can withstand continuous operation over a long time. The other parts used in the pump also have greatly improved durability over conventional models.


Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. air discharge capacity range

0.6 to 100/0.7 to 110 L/min

Max. air discharge pressure

0.2 MPa

Ultimate vacuum

Max. 3.33 kPa (abs)

Main materials


Required power range / Power voltage

1 to 200W / AC100V, DC12V, DC24V

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