• Improved volume efficiency by using a unique method (Compared with our products)
  • Relatively less flow fluctuation even if pressure fluctuates

HSR-80 series are reciprocating diaphragm liquid pumps developed for build in equipment. Despite its compact design, it has a maximum rotation speed of 3000 min-1 and is capable of transferring liquid at high pressure. The discharge capacity is up to 1200 mL/min (discharge pressure at 0.5MPa), which covers wide capacity range.

Features of HSR-80 series

Transfer Liquid at High Pressure

Max. rotation speed 3000 min-1, Max. discharge pressure 0.6 MPa
Capable of transferring liquid at high pressure.

Wide Capacity Range

Rotation speed 3000min-1: Capacity 1200 mL/min
Rotation speed 2000min-1: Capacity 800 mL/min
Rotation speed 1000min-1: Capacity 400 mL/min
*Discharge pressure at 0.5MPa

Protection Mechanism for Abnormal Pressure

Relief valve function can be available. Prevents damage to pumps and pipes due to abnormal rise in discharge pressure.
*Please install a protective function such as an external relief valve, when without relief valve function is selected.

Model with relief valve function


Operating principle

The rotary motion of the motor is converted through a connecting rod to the reciprocation of the diaphragm in the pump chamber, where liquid is transferred from the inlet to outlet.


Rated specification Capacity 800 mL/min(2000 min-1
Pressure 0.5 MPa
Max. discharge capacity 1400 mL/min (Reference)
Max. discharge pressure 0.6 MPa
Main materials GFRPP, FKM, EPDM, PTFE, SUS316
Motor Voltage DC 24 V
Current 1.4 A
Variable range 1000 – 3000 min-1
Self-priming height 2 m
Connection Rc 1/4 or G 1/4
Mass 700 g

• Set the discharge pressure below the specified value (0.6 MPa or less).
• The discharge rate is the value when clean water at 20°C is transferred. Note that the discharge rate varies depending on the liquid temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, etc.
• The max. discharge capacity is at 3000 min-1 0 MPa. However, this is a reference value because the discharge capacity is not stable due to overfeeding around 0 MPa.
• The self-priming height is specified at 0 m above sea level. Note that the self-priming height decreases at high altitudes.
• The liquid temperature range  FKM: 5 – 45°C, EPDM: 0 – 45°C. (There shall be no change in liquid property such as freezing and slurry generation.)
• The ambient temperature range: 0 – 45°C.
• The maximum noise value at the rated value is 50 dB or less when clean water at 20°C is transferred. (A scale, 1 m)

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