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NRD Series new control signal type of DC brushless motor drive canned centrifugal pumps have been added. Tachometer feedback (rotation speed pulse output Note 1) is possible at the same time as the pump variable input signal. It is compact, lightweight, low noise, and sealless, so there is no liquid leakage.

Flow adjustment feature and built-in drive technology

An external input signal (400 Hz ± 10% of PWM, Duty 0 – 100% Note 2) can be used to vary the flow rate. In addition, the pump can be operated without a PWM signal. (Max operation fixed) With this circuit, the power can be connected to variable external input to operate the pump.

Note1: Open collector method Outputs at 1 pulse/rotation.
Note2: Connect the PWM control signal with an open collector (drain).

Features of NRD series

Seal-less design

The pumps are equipped with a small, lightweight canned motor encapsulated in resin. This construction requires less space than magnet pumps, while the seal-less design prevents liquid leakage.

Multiple connection types

There are four different port connection options available, Hose, NPT Thread, R Thread or G ThreadNote. Select the option that best fits your location and installation.
Note: NRD-40/40X only

Long life

A Brushless DC motor is employed as the pump drive. This motor design eliminates pump/motor failures due to brush wear, ensuring a service life equal to AC motors.

Readily compliant with global safety standards

The NRD series power voltage is classified as safety voltage (50V or less), which allows the user to easily comply with global safety standards such as UL, CSA and CE . The DC power supply does not have a region-specific voltage or frequency, allowing for unified usage.

Flow adjustment feature and built-in drive technology

An external input signal (DC 1 to 5V) can be used to vary the flow rate. The NRD series models are also equipped with a built-in motor drive circuit. With this circuit, the power can be connected to variable external input to operate the pump.

High temperature environments

The pump can be installed in an environment with an ambient temperature of up to 50°C (08Z: 40°C). It can also pump fluids as warm as 80°C (08Z: 50°C).

Operating principle

Canned motor centrifugal pumps directly drive the rotor magnet that is coupled to the impeller. The pump chamber is completely sealed from the exterior by a static o-ring. The impeller is driven by a rotating magnetic field that doesn’t require a shaft seal. In addition, these products have a simpler and more compact structure than pumps which have external drive magnets.

Typical applications

  • Fuel cells:
    Cogeneration systems (cooling and circulation)
  • Medical:
    Biochemical analysis, Cooling systems, Patient temperature management medical equipment, Cooling for laser treatment, Endoscope cleaning device
  • Physical/chemical analysis:
    Thermostats, Pure water equipment, Different types of analyzers
  • Vending machines:
  • Photo:
    X-ray film developing machines, CT scan (Light source cooling)
  • Semiconductors:
    Semiconductor cooling systems
  • Surface treatment:
    Small plating machines
  • Solar power systems:
    Electric water heaters, Solar battery heat collectors
  • Projection:
    Projectors (Light source cooling)


Model NRD-05 NRD-08 NRD-08Z NRD-08Z-P4 NRD-12 NRD-20 NRD-30 NRD-40 NRD-40X
Max. discharge capacity 5.1 L/min 7.9 L/min 8.0 L/min 13.6 L/min 19.5 L/min 23.5 L/min 25.0 L/min 70.0L/min
Max. head 4.1 m 11.5 m 19 m 7.4 m 8.5 m 11 m 15 m 8 m
Connection sizes

















Main materials GFRPPE Note, GFRPP
Liquid temp. range 0 – 80˚C 0 – 50˚C 0 – 80˚C
Output 6W 22W 33W 17W 28W 45W 85W 72W
Power voltage DC24V DC48V
Sealing method Seal-less construction

Note: NRD-40/40X is GFRPPS.

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