Direct drive pumps RD series (Canned motor pumps)

Max. discharge capacity range: 3.8 to 70 L/min

Easy-to-install canned motor pumps

Easy-to-install canned motor pumps

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Features of RD series

Compact and lightweight with a seal-less structure

The canned motor type products in our RD series are light and compact. Unlike conventional magnetic drive pumps, they do not require a large amount of space for installation. Their seal-less structure eliminates leaks and problems involving seal replacement.

Long life

A DC brushless motor is employed as the pump drive. This type of motor reduces concerns over brush abrasion, ensuring a service life as long as that of an AC motor.

Facilitating standard compliance

The RD series pumps power source voltage is classified as safety voltage (50 V or less), which allow the user to easily comply with international standards such as UL, CSA, CE and GS.

Flow rate adjustment

Flow rate can be adjusted by means of an external signal of 1-5VDC.


Typical applications

  • Medical care:
    Biochemical analysis, cooling devices, poultice/low temperature therapeutic machines, cooling for laser treatment
  • Physical/chemical analysis:
    Thermostatic devices, demineralizers, a variety of analyzers
  • Automatic vending machine: Dispensers
  • Photography:
    Automatic film developers, x-ray film developers
  • Semiconductors:
    Cooling devices
  • Surface treatment:
    Small-scale plating machines
  • Solar power systems:
    Electric water heaters, solar battery collectors
  • Electric cars:
    Radiators, heaters



RD-12, 12Z

RD-40, 40X

Max. discharge capacity range

6.8 to 10.5 m

8 to 15 m

Max. head range

3.6 to 11.5 m

6.8 to 10.5 m

Main materials



Required power range

4.4 to 45W  24VDC

72 to 85W 24VDC

Liquid temp. range

0 to 75˚C

0 to 80˚C

Sealing method

Seal-less construction

Seal-less construction

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