Features of DRN

The DRN model protects equipment (including pumps) from damage!

Minimizes production downtime.

Identifies possible causes of alarms so they can be investigated and addressed.

  • Multiple Input: Two analog, one digital, one temperature input and one current input
  • Easy operation: Equipped with EASY setup mode to remember the operation status and set the lower/upper limit values, as well as AUTO setup mode
  • Bar graph: Visible indication of current operating status
  • Logging capability: Data log feature for preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Communication: RS485 external communication capability


Model DRN-01 DRN-02
Amperometric range 0.5–30.00A 5.0–200.0A
Current sensor JS10FL JS24FL
Analog input 1 4–20mA or 1–5V
Analog input 2 4–20mA or 1–5V
Temperature range −50 – 200ºC (Pt100, K thermocouple)
Digital contact input No-voltage contact signal (also for external reset)
Contact output For pre-alarm: AC250V 8A (load resistance) 1c
For pump-stopping: AC250V 8A (load resistance) 1a
Logging capability Past records (with the calendar)
Communication RS485 incorporated
Supported models MX, SMX, MXM, MDM, MDE, MDW

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