Process magnetic drive pumps MDE series

Max. discharge capacity range (50/60Hz): 1500 to 4000/1500 to 4000 L/min

The most reliable, large-sized magnetic drive pump designed for process use

Process magnetic drive pumps MDE series

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Features of MDE series

High levels of durability and reliability

Manufactured to heavy-duty specifications for process use, these magnetic drive pumps can endure continuous operation over a long time under demanding conditions. The main structural materials of the pump are reinforced with metal to improve mechanical strength.

Strong corrosion and heat resistance

These pumps are manufactured mainly from fluororesin and SiC. Three standard types of fluororesins are used: ETFE and PFA. Especially, the PFA type allows high-temperature liquids (up to 120˚C) to be handled. EL-grade chemicals can also be handled.

Useful even in petrochemical plants

The casing cover of these pumps is constructed with FCD (ductile cast iron). Therefore, these pumps can be used in petrochemical plants where conventional resin-constructed pumps could not be used.


Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity range 1500 to 4000 / 1500 to 4000 L/min
Max. head range 25 to57 / 38 to 82 m
Main materials CFRETFE, PFA
Required power range 11 to 37 kW
Discharge bore 50 mm, 65 mm, 125 mm
Liquid temperature range 0 to 100˚C
Sealing method Seal-less construction

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