Process magnetic drive pumps MDW series

Max. discharge capacity range (50/60Hz): 800 to 5000/800 to 5000 L/min

 Max. flow capacity of 5.0m³/min and max. discharge head of 98m.
The world’s largest class fluoroplastic magnetic drive pump.

Process magnetic drive pumps MDW series

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Features of MDW series

High discharge capacity, High head and high efficiency

The heavy-duty MDW is capable of a maximum discharge capacity of 300m³/hr and max. discharge head of 98m, enabling applications in previously unexplored areas with a wide range of liquid specific gravities.。

Highly chemically resistant

Fluoroplastic and fine ceramic wetted parts offer high resistance to virtually every industrial chemical, irrespective of concentration.

Back pullout system

The back pullout system allows easy maintenance and inspection without removing pipework. Integrated components and a sealed rear casing support structure enable motor removal safely without chemical leakage.

ISO compliant

The MDW is dimensionally compliant with the international standard (ISO2858, 3661) and is interchangeable with conventional sealed centrifugal pumps.

Robust structure

Process magnetic drive pumps  MDW series

Use of the high strength ductile cast iron external armour is mandatory for heavy duty chemical process applications. High casing pressure resistance is achieved with a unique rear casing design preventing stress concentration and incorporating a triple-layer structure (PAT.). A special metal shaft is used on the MDW to withstand high radial forces and allow continuous extended operation even under harsh service conditions.

Application example

  • Chemical transfer between supply tanks and through chemical process equipment.
  • Chemical recirculation for filtration and heat exchange applications.
  • Scrubber liquid recirculation.
  • Replacements for conventional sealed pumps.

Performance curves (Flow range of IWAKI Magnetic drive process punps)

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity range 800 to 5000 / 800 to 5000 L/min
Max. head range 22 to 98 / 32 to 98 m
Main materials MDW80/MDW100: ETFE, MDW50: PFA
Required power range 11 to 75 kW
Discharge bore 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm
Liquid temperature range MDW80/MDW100: −10 to 105˚C, MDW50: −10 to 120˚C
Sealing method Seal-less construction

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