High performance electromagnetic pumps EHN-YN/EHN-YT series

Max. discharge capacity range: 38 to 450 mL/min

High performance electromagnetic pumps EHN-YN/EHN-YT series

YN series having analog input and digital input as a standard feature
YT series provides timer control

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Features of EHN-YN / EHN-YT series

High resolution

Like EHN-R series, thanks to digitized controller, stroke speed can be adjusted 1 spm step from 1 to 360 spm. Combined with stroke length adjustment, you can do the fine adjustment from very small flow to maximum flow rate.

Multi-voltage power source

Multi-voltage power source from AC100 to 240V for al model. You are now free from worrying about power voltage.

Air vent valve

Small flow capacity models (EHN-10, 15, 20) are equipped with air vent valve. Air in the pump chamber can be easily released by simply turning the knob.

Flow checker support feature

Flow checker FCM support feature was added to the features of conventional EHN-Y series. Because of this, models equipped with flow checker FCM support type are added to the line up.


Max. discharge capacity range 38 to 450 mL/min
Max. discharge pressure range 0.2 to 1.0 MPa
Main materials PVC, GFRPP, PVDF, SUS316
Stroke rate 1 to 360 spm
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Liquid temperature range
  • PVC type: 0 to 40˚C
  • GFRPP type, PVDF type, SUS316 type: 0 to 60˚C
Viscous liquid Please contact us for details.
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.
Functions of the control
  • EHN-YN: Analog proportional control, counter control, frequency division control
  • EHN-YT: Timer control (DAY WEEK INT (Interval) DAY+INT WEEK+INT)

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