Features of EWN-Y-A (+EFS) series

  • The Auto-air vent valve eliminates the gas-lock problem with continuance bleeding liquid and gas constructions.
  • A precise flow measuring per stroke and a feed back control enable precise chemical dosing, mean while the bleeding system is normally difficult to keep precise dosing.
  • The system can also bleed gas out as short time as possible, even if setting discharge flow is small.

Philosophy of the Non-Gas Lock system

  1. The bleeding system takes gas and liquid out from the pump chamber. However, dosing capacity is kept setting volume due to feed back control with the flow signal.
  2. When large volume of gas comes into the pump chamber, pump discharge capacity will be “zero” until bleeding the gas out. The feed back control increase pump operating speed, thus gas bleeding time will be in short time.
  3. When the gas bleeding is completed, the pump discharge volume returns to the setting valve immediately by the feed back control with the flow signal.


Max. discharge capacity range 30 – 110 mL/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.7 – 1.0 MPa
Main materials PVC
Stroke rate 1 – 360 spm
Power supply AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Liquid temperature range −10 – 40˚C
Viscous liquid Please contact us for details.
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.

Specifications of controller

Model EWN-Y-A (with EFS)
Operational mode Auto control Feedback control 0.1 – 999.9 mL/min
0.001 – 59.994 L/H
0.001 – 15.829 GPH
EXT control Analog rigid 4 – 20, 20 – 4, 0 – 20, 20 – 0mA proportional control to stroke rates
Analog variable 2 – point setting (Analog variable)
(Proportional control to flow/stroke rates in the range of 0 – 20mA)
BATCH 0.1 – 99999.9 mL
0.001 – 99.999 L
0.001 – 26.385 G
Input Pulse signal input
for batch control
No voltage contact or open collector
Analogue 0 – 20mADC (Input resistance is 220Ω.)
(Level sensor)
No voltage contact or open collector
Output OUT1 No voltage contact (Mechanical relay), 250VAC 3A (Resistive load)
Either the Signal recognition output, Control error, or Poor flow detection is selectable (default: STOP).
OUT2 No voltage contact (PhotoMOS relay), AC/DC24V 0.1A
Either the Sensor signal output, Synchronous output, Signal recognition output, Control error or Poor flow detection is selectable.
Analogue 4 – 20mA DC (Allowable load resistance : 500Ω)
Data logging Total flow volume
Total number of strokes (1=1000 shots)
Total number of signal outputs (OUT1)
Total number of signal outputs (OUT2)
Total power connection time
Total operating time
Buffer memory Nonvolatile memory

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