Features of IX-B series

Unique Motor Design
The IX-B pumps use brushless DC (BLDC) motors to control the pump stroke speed. Many similar metering pumps use a stepper-motor based design, however the efficiency of the BLDC motor provides a higher power output in a smaller package and allows the IX-B pumps to achieve 45L/H discharge flowrates.
Degassing valve unit Design (Patent Pending)
One of the most advantageous features of the IWAKI IX Series Metering Pumps is the excellent degassing ability due to their proprietary valve unit design. The IX-B pumps retain this feature creating an entire pump line that will not gas lock and has no priming issues!
Flexible Installation (Patent Pending)
The IX-B Pumps have been designed to be installed into various locations. The control unit can easily be repositioned by customers on-site. The pump can also be relocated from base mounted to wall mounted without any extra parts required.
Improved Chemical Resistance
Liquid End materials of construction remains PVDF, a highly chemical resistance material, and a choice of elastomers (FKM or EPDM). New is a non-elastomer, solid PTFE diaphragm providing optimal resistance to chemical gas penetration and better all-around chemical resistance.
High Turndown Ratio and High Accuracy
The turndown ration of the IX-B series improves to 1000:1 via stroke rate control by the BLDC motor. The pumps are 1% repeatable across most of the control range. Minimum flow on the IX-B series is 0.0075L/H.
LED Status Bar
A large LED status bar provides simple visual indication of operating conditions at a glance. It is easily visible to see the pump status at a distance or in dark locations.
Safety design
Standard to all models is a diaphragm rupture detector, protecting users and the environment. Also, a detector for abnormal operation protects the pipework in case of an accidental high discharge pressure caused by clogging or improper operation. A drain hole also ensures safe operation even when the diaphragm is damaged.

Note: In some cases it may not be able to detect sudden rises in pressure occurring in shutoff operation. If the piping or machinery in use has low pressure resistance, install a separate safety valve.

Specifications of pump (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity range 0.0075 – 45 / 0.0075 – 45 L/h
Max. discharge pressure range 0.4 – 1.7 MPa
Main materials PVDF, SUS316
Power consumption 62 W
Liquid temperature range PVDF type: 0 – 50˚C, SUS316 type: 0 – 80˚C
Power voltage 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz

Specifications of controller

Operation mode MAN (Manual) Use the UP () and DOWN () keys to set a flow rate.
EXT Analog fixed operation 4 – 20, 0 – 20, 20 – 4, 20 – 0mA (Proportional to the discharge rate)
Analog variable operation Programmable 2-point setting (Input signal DC 0 – 20 mA, proportional to the discharge rate)
Pulse control Note1 0.000625mL/PLS – 15.000000mL/PLS (IX-B007)
0.001250mL/PLS – 30.000000mL/PLS (IX-B015)
0.002500mL/PLS – 60.000000mL/PLS (IX-B030)
0.003750mL/PLS – 90.000000mL/PLS (IX-B045)
Batch control Note1 0.625mL/PLS – 15.000L/PLS (IX-B007)
1.250mL/PLS – 30.000L/PLS (IX-B015)
2.500mL/PLS – 60.000L/PLS (IX-B030)
3.750mL/PLS – 90.000L/PLS (IX-B045)
Interval batch control Note1 Day: 0 – 9, Hour: 0 – 23, Minute: 1 – 59
0.625mL/PLS – 15.000L/PLS (IX-B007), 1.250mL/PLS – 30.000L/PLS (IX-B015)
2.500mL/PLS – 60.000L/PLS (IX-B030), 3.750mL/PLS – 90.000L/PLS (IX-B045)
Profibus control Note7 Communication protocol: Profibus-DP-compliant international standard: EN50170 (IEC61158)
Input STOP/Pre-Stop Non-voltage contact or open collector Note3
Analogue 0 – 20mADC (Internal resistance is 200Ω.)
Palse Non-voltage contact or open collector Max pulse frequency is 100Hz. (Pulse ON: 5 msec or more)
Output Alarm1 (OUT1) Non-voltage contact (mechanical relay): AC 250 V, 3 A (resistive load)
Each output item is selected by Enable/Disable. (Initial value: Leak Detection only Enable)
Stop/Pre-Stop/Interlock/Leak Detection/Motor Overload/Batch CompleteNote4/Drive Error
Alarm2 (OUT2) Non-voltage contact (photo MOS relay): AC/DC 24 V, 0.1 A (resistive load)
Each output item is selected by Enable/Disable. (Initial value: Interlock only Enable)
Stop/Pre-Stop/Interlock/Leak Detection/Motor Overload/Batch CompleteNote4/Drive Error/Volume Prop. PLS Note5
External power supply DC12V 30mA or less
Current DC 0 – 20 mA, Two-point setting (allowable load resistance: 300 Ω)
Power voltage Note6 100-240VAC 50/60Hz


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