Features of KB series

Corrosion resistant, multi-purpose pump
Manufactured using a combination of polypropylene and synthetic rubber, the pumps in this series can handle acids, alkalis, and various corrosive chemical solutions. Furthermore, capable of dry run operation and self-priming, these pumps can be used for multiple purposes as desired.
Leakage-free, safe structure
Since the pumps in this series are free of shaft seal, there is no trouble caused by liquid leakage. Also, the pump has its motor protected with a cover.
Superior durability
The specially designed bellows, molded as a single body, can ensure tens of millions of expansion and contraction cycles. Combined with its rugged drive mechanism, the pump provides superior durability.
Wide range of discharge capacity
The pump provides three types of flow rates by changing its bellows. Moreover, if the pump is a multi-head type, proportionate injection of several different liquids is also possible.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity range 0.0041 – 0.180 / 0.0049 – 0.216 L/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.01 MPa
Main materials GFRPP
Required power range 3.5 – 4.5 W
Liquid temperature range 5 – 40˚C
Viscous liquid Please contact us for details.
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.

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