Tubephragm dispensing pump PDS-105R

Max. discharge capacity: 12.0 mL/shot

Bellows dispensing pump PDS-H115

High accuracy,
Compact size,
Low cost

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Features of PDS-105R

High accuracy

Repeatability of ±0.3%(F.S.) is obtained thanks to a stepping motor drive design.

Compact size

260mm in height (330mm for our existing pumps)50mm in width (60mm for our existing pumps)

Low cost

The Increased number of molded plastic parts results in a reduced production cost.

Contamination free

Optimized tubephragm design eliminates the possibility of wear particle generation from sliding parts and the possibility of clotting that may occur in dead spaces.


Max. discharge capacity

5.0 mL/shot

Discharge speed 0.01 to 4.0 mL/sec
Suction speed 0.01 to 3.0 mL/sec
Max. discharge pressure 0.15 MPa
Repeatability ±0.3 % or below (F.S.)
Main materials PFA, PTFE
Max. allowable viscosity 200 mPa·s

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