Features of FS-H series

High-speed strokes
An incease in the speed of pump strokes (240 spm maximum) resulted in a reduction of size, weight and costs involved in the manufacture of the pump as well as a decrease in pulsation.
Note: Pump strokes are different depending on the pump model.
Contamination free design
All of the parts which come into contact with liquid are made of fluororesin. The pump is designed so no metal portion is exposed. The exterior is also coated with fluororesin. The use of a shaft seal (patent pending), our own development, has the effect of remarkably decreasing the production of particles.
Wide range of liquid temperatures/
High-pressure discharge
As it can handle liquids with temperatures ranging from 5 – 180˚C with discharge pressures up to 0.45MPa, the pump is usable not only for washing processes and CMP processes but also for feeding chemical liquids.
Facility of maintenance
The proximity switch can be replaced without disassembling the pump and regular tightening of stud bolts is unnecessary, resulting in reduced downtime.
Sensor drive system
The pump uses the sensor drive system which opens/closes the solenoid by means of a proximity switch built internally. Therefore, when connected to various controllers, the discharge can be controlled or managed easily.


Max. discharge capacity range 15 – 55 L/min
Max. supplied air pressure 0.15 – 0.5 MPa
Max. air consumption 670 NL/min
Max. stroke speed Note 240 spm
Main materials PTFE, PFA
Liquid temperature range 5  –  180˚C

Note: 180 spm maximum with feed air pressures between 0.3 and 0.5 MPa.
Max. discharge capacity shows when pumping clear water at  20˚C.

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