Pneumatic drive bellows pumps FW / FW-H series

Max. discharge capacity range: 20 to 80 L/min

Pneumatic drive bellows pumps FW, FW-H series

Robust bellows design advances high pressure performance and service life


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Features of FW / FW-H series

The adoption of thick bellows enables the pump to discharge liquid under pressure as high as 0.45 MPa maximum. Moreover, the bellows have three or four times as long a life as a diaphragm. Thus, the downtime can be substantially reduced.

In addition to its use in feeding chemical liquid, the FW series specified for high pressure and medium temperature (10 to 100˚C) is usable in a cleaning system and for the circulation of CMP slurry liquid and the FW-H series for high pressure and high temperature (10 to 180˚C) is usable as a circulation pump in a cleaning system.

The fitting portions for suction and discharge are of PFA tubular structure formed integrally. This prevents particles from accumulating and allows joints available on the market to be used.

When connected to a special controller, the discharge can be controlled and monitored easily.


Model FW FW-H
Max. discharge capacity range 20 to 80 L/min 20 to 40 L/min
Max. supplied air pressure 0.5 MPa 0.5 MPa
Max. air consumption 820 NL/min 480 NL/min

Max. stroke speed

80 spm

80 spm

Main materials



Liquid temperature range

10 to 100˚C

10 to 180˚C

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