Pneumatic drive dispensers SB series

Max. discharge capacity range: 5 to 100 mL/stroke

Pneumatic drive dispenser - Best suited to semiconductor manufacturing process for photo-resist application.


SB-SH (SUS, H type)

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SB-TV (PTFE/PFA, V type)

Features of SB series

High accuracy

The SB series dispenser precisely meters/dispenses chemical fluid such as photoresist. Volume per shot is very accurate to ensure the optimal amount of photoresist is applied. Use of an optional suckback prevents dripping from the injection nozzle.There is almost no dead volume in the bellows, so the possibility of solution stagnation is minimized.
The sealless and ultra-slow cylinder design allows for low-speed photoresist dosing with less likelihood of trapped air.

Stainless/Fluorine wet ends

Stainless (SUS304) and fluorine (PTFE/PFA) wet ends are available for different liquids and ensure good corrosion resistance and contamination-free delivery. Most suitable for delivery of high resolution/purity photoresist.

Light and Compact design

The pump can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal directions (except SB-4K/-5/-6), allowing the best system configuration and is compact enough to be fitted in a limited installation space.
Also, a mechanical stopper that finely tunes a dosing volume and a position detector that assures correct piston movement in the cylinder are optionally available.



Max. discharge capacity range 5 to 100 mL/stroke
Max. discharge pressure range 0.05 to 0.1 MPa
Max. stroke length 40 mm
Supply air pressure 0.15 to 0.5 MPa
Max. air consumption range 0.02 to 1.0 NL/stroke

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