Chemical gear pumps GM-V series

Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 18.0/23.0 L/min

Chemical gear pumps GM-V series

Sealless gear pumps of non-metal structure

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Features of GM-V series

Sealless, corrosion resistant gear pump

The wetted parts incorporate an entirely non-metallic structure, i.e., no metal is used in these parts at all. Coupled with a leakage-free, magnetic drive method, this structure enables the pump to handle a wide range of corrosive chemicals, including acids and alkalis.

Superior durability thanks to SiC gear

The pump uses an SiC ceramic gear that excels in wear resistance. Free of problems caused by galling or seizure, the pump can be run safely at high speed.

Pulsation-free, and metering injection

This is an internal gear pump of the pulsation free, high-speed operation type. The discharge quantity is proportional to the pump speed (rpm), so that when controlled by an inverter, the pump can inject or transfer liquid without precisely pulsation.

Small flow rate, high head, and self-priming

The pump is manufactured to small-flow-rate specifications suitable for chemical dosing pumps. In addition, the pump is capable of a maximum 1 m of self-priming.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity

18.0/23.0 L/min

Max. discharge pressure

0.5 MPa

Max. speed

1410/1700 rpm

Main materials


Required power range

0.2 to 0.75kW

Liquid temp. range

0 to 50˚C

Viscous liquid

0.5 to 50 mPa·s

Slurry liquid

Can not be handled.

Sealing method

Seal-less construction

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