Chemical gear pumps GX series

Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 35.2/42.5 L/min

Chemical gear pumps GX series

Internal gear pumps incorporating fine ceramic gears 

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Features of GX series

Both high viscosity and low viscosity liquids can be handled

When a low-viscosity liquid is handled by a conventional gear pump, "jamming" and "seizing" tend to occur. SiC ceramic gears do not have this problem even when the pump functions at a high speed. Silicon nitride ceramic gears show stable performance in handling high viscous liquids, due to their strength and toughness.

Ability to handle fine slurries

Now that gears and other sliding components including bearings are made of ceramic, the handling of fine slurries hard and soft will not impair the longevity of these pumps. Performance has been noticeably improved. Ceramic gears make it possible to reduce spaces between parts, therefore out performing conventional metal gear models.

Quiet liquid transfer with less pulsation

Without the pulsation that is common to reciprocating pump and general use type gear pumps, liquid is transferred quietly and smoothly no agitating or foaming.

Constant flow injection

Regardless of the temperature change, viscous liquid can be handled at accurate flow rate, which can not do with other pumps. As the output is linearly related to rpm, the flow rate is easily controlled by changing speed.

High self-priming ability

Because the suction port is at the top of the pump, the pump chamber remains full when pump stops working. Self-priming is enhanced at re-start.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity

35.2/42.5 L/min

Max. discharge pressure

1.0 MPa

Max. speed

1410/1700 rpm

Main materials


Required power range

0.2 to 3.7kW

Liquid temp. range

0 to 150˚C

Viscous liquid

0.5 to 10000 mPa·s

Slurry liquid

Please cntact us for details.

Sealing method

Gland packing or mechanical seal

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