Features of MDG series

Leakage free, sealless structure
The pump mechanism is the magnetic drive type. Free of leakage trouble, the pump is suitable to be incorpotated in various equipment.
Superior corrosion resistance
The wetted parts are manufactured from superior corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, PPS, and PEEK. Therefore, the pump can be used to transfer various types of chemical solutions.
Long life design
Each part that is precision processed using Iwaki’s original technology excels in thermal resistance, therefore does not cause pump troubles due to thermal expansion of the parts. Even when operated for long continuous hours, the pump should exhibit superior durability.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity 14/17 L/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.6 MPa
Main materials SUS316, CFRPEEK, PPS
Required power range 15 – 230/240W
Liquid temp. range 0 – 95℃ (dpending on model)
Ultimate vacuum Max. 5.3 kPa (abs)
Viscous liquid Approx. 80 mPa·s (depending on model)
Slurry liquid Can not be handled.
Sealing method Seal-less construction

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