Screw pumps NFA-T series

Max. discharge capacity: 2150 L/min

Screw pumps NFA-T series

Slurry pumps capable of handling a wide range of liquids, from fresh water to viscous liquid

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Features of NFA-T series

Ideal for transferring highly viscous and highly concentrated slurry liquids

This monoaxial screw pump is ideal for transferring viscous and slurry liquids. It can handle a highly viscous liquid of up to 1,000,000 mPa·s, as well as a material that is almost non-fluidal. The liquid can be transferred smoothly without pulsation, stirring, or foaming.

Superior metering and self-priming performance

Since this is a monoaxial screw pump, the pump can discharge liquid in direct proportion to its speed, and therefore excels in transferring liquid precisely. Furthermore, the flow rate can be controlled easily by adjusting the pump speed. The self-priming capability is maximum 9 m, making the pump ideal for sucking from underground or from a distance.

Stable quality and economy

All parts of the pump are designed, developed, and manufactured using Iwaki technology. This results in stable part quality and superior economy.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to a simple structure, the pump is easy to maintain and inspect.


Max. discharge capacity

2150 L/min

Max. discharge pressure

0.6 MPa (1 stage)

Main materials

Castiron, SCS13, NBR

Required power range

0.2 to 30kW

Liquid temp. range

5 to 120˚C

Viscous liquid

Up to 1,000,000 mPa·s of non-Newtonian fluid

Slurry liquid

High concentration slurries can be handled.
(Please contact us for details.)

Sealing method

Gland packing or mechanical seal

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