Features of NFA-T series

Well Suited for High-Density Slurry and High-Viscosity Fluid

There is truly a wide range of fluids that these pumps can handle, such as highly abrasive fluids like muddy sludge or cement mortar, fluids which contain solid or fibrous materials, fluids with a high viscosity of several hundred thousand mPa·s, or fluids for handling cake-like substances with no fluidity at all.

Superior Fixed-Quantity (Metering) and Flow Controllability

There is excellent fixed-quantity due to a good rotor and stator seal. Also, since this pump is a rotating volume pump, it is possible to easily control the flow by adjusting the rotation speed. By attaching the optional pulse generator, it is possible to control the rotation speed with higher accuracy and better response.

Smooth Transfer With No Pulsation, Mixing or Foaming

By continuously rotating the air chamber, which is formed by the rotor and stator, the fluid is transferred smoothly without pulsation, mixing or foaming. This is the perfect kind of pump for fluids that change easily due to impact, or fluids whose particles should not be damaged.

Easy-Maintenance Construction

The pump has easy-to-maintain construction. The casing is divided into two parts making it possible to easily remove the rotor, remove the universal joint/ Joint unit as a single unit, replace the shaft seal without having to disassemble the bearings, perform inspection easily from the side cover, etc. (Except lowcost type pumps.)

Outstanding Durability

Outstanding durability is obtained by using bearings with excellent load characteristics, vibration loading, and rigidity, and a completely sealed universal joint/ Joint unit with no metal moving parts.

Examples of applications

Solution for paper manufacturing, Corrosive waste fluid, Chemical solution, Magnesium hydroxide slurry, Calcium carbonate slurry, Clay


Max. discharge capacity 1280 L/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.6 MPa
Main materials FC250, SCS13, NBR, SKS, SUS304
Motor output range 0.2 – 22 kW
Liquid temperature range 5 – 120℃
Viscous liquid Up to 10,000 mPa·s of Newtonian fluid
Up to 1,000,000 mPa·s of non-Newtonian fluid
Slurry liquid High concentration slurries can be handled.
(Please contact us for details.)
Sealing method Gland packing or mechanical seal

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