Hi-Cera pumps V series

Max. discharge capacity (50/60Hz): 1400/1682 L/min

Preventing clogging and sticking with valveless construction

Hicera pumps V series



V-07AFP06(OEM only)

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Features of V series

High discharge accuracy

The main components such as the plunger and cylinder are processed with high precision of micron order, so it is possible to obtain high discharge accuracy. (Discharge accuracy : ±0.5%) By changing the angle of the pump head it is possible to freely adjust the discharge amount between 0 and maximum discharge.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), fluorocarbon polymers (PTFE) and stainless casting (SCS14) with excellent resistance to corrosion are used for parts that come in contact with the fluid. This makes it possible to use the pumps for handling a wide range of chemicals.

Dispense into a vacuum condition and removal from a high-pressure condition

Since there are no suction and discharge valves, it is possible to directly dispense a constant amount of fluid in a vacuum (negative pressure) without using a solenoid. Constant-volume dispensing is also possible if suction side is pressurized.

Capable of handling slurries and highly viscous fluids

The unique valveless construction and the excellent resistance to wear of SiC, it is possible to handle slurries with fast precipitation speed as well as abrasive slurries. Also, the pumps are capable of smoothly pumping highly viscous fluids up to a maximum viscosity of 20,000 mPa・s.
Note: The discharge accuracy drops for viscous fluids with a viscosity of 500 mPa・s or greater. Contact this company for details.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity 1400/1682 mL/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.7 MPa
Main materials Alumina ceramic, SiC, SUS316
Required power range 6 to 40W
Liquid temp. range 0 to 120˚C
Viscous liquid

20000 mPa·s (depending on model)

Slurry liquid

Please contact us for details.

Seal method

Lip seal

OEM pumps

High precision fixed dosing pump optimized for dialysis machines
Hi-Cera pump V-07AFP06

Example of applications
Delivery of A and B dialysates and liquid removal

High precision metering pump optimized for immunoassay analyzers
Hi-Cera pump V-07AEP06

Example of applications
Fixed quantity reagent injection, cleaning solution management, buffer solution management, fixed saline injection, etc.

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