V-25 NEW

Large amount of dispense volume up to 11 mL/shot (which is 3.8 times that of V-15 type)
Precision valveless plunger pump

Application:Electrolyte injection for rechargeable battery

Ultra-high precision
The stepper motor enables high-precision injection with excellent controllability.
CE marking Compliant
By complying with European EN standards, CE marking is now available as standard.
Reduces plunger seizing
The flushing port reduces the plunger lock caused by adhesive or crystallization of the fluid used.

Specifications of V-25

Max. discharge capacity per shot: 11 mL/shot • Max. discharge capacity per min (RV) : 3300 mL/min • Max. motor speed: 300 min-1 • Max. discharge pressure: 0.2 MPa

Features of V series

Ultra-high precision dosing of ±0.5%
Capable of ultra-high precision dosing at a micro discharge capacity. Simple adjustment of the discharge capacity by changing the angle of the pump head.
Max. 20,000 mPa·s high viscous liquid transfer
The unique valveless structure enables the smooth metering transfer of high viscous liquid at a maximum of 20,000 mPa·s.
• Discharge accuracy may deteriorate when handling 500 mPa·s or more. If the liquid to be handled contains slurry, make sure to check the properties of the liquid. Contact us for details.
• Contact us for details about pumping highly viscous liquids (20,000 mPa·s or more).
Discharge into a vacuum and suction from high pressure sources
Because there are no suction / discharge valves, the pump is able to discharge directly into a vacuum (negative pressure) without the need for electromagnetic valves. Maintains a constant flow even if the suction / discharge pressure fluctuates.
Higher corrosion resistance–Perfect for handling a variety of liquids
Ceramics and PTFE resins are used on the wetted surface, lending greater resistance when pumping acid, alkaline, organic solvents, and other liquids.
Compact design–Ideal for built-in applications
The compact and light Hicera pumps can be installed in both vertical and horizontal orientations, making them ideal for built-in applications. The reversible motor direction allows you to reverse the flow without needing to change the piping.
Original structure–Gas lock free
This pump enables air to be automatically discharged from the outlet, thereby preventing problems caused by gas lock.
• Depending on the installation conditions or the liquid being handled, there are times gas cannot be discharged smoothly. Contact us for more details.

Specifications (50/60Hz)

Max. discharge capacity 1400/1682 mL/min
Max. discharge pressure 0.7 MPa
Main materials Al2O3, SiC, SUS316
Required power range 15 – 40W
Liquid temperature 0 – 40℃
Viscous liquid 20000 mPa·s (depending on model)
Slurry liquid Please contact us for details.
Seal method Lip seal

OEM pumps

The compact and lightweight V-05 / 07 series is a compact plunger pump that is ideal for incorporating into equipment. Since it is driven by a DC motor, highly accurate discharge rate control is possible. It has a variable discharge rate function and a flushing port can be selected, so it is possible to inject chemicals cleanly. Since there are a wide variety of fittings, it can be incorporated into various devices.


Fuel Cell-Only Pump


Long life design, Low power consumption, lightweight
V-07AF4 is a long-life design with a design life of 95,000 hours. (Conventional type “V-07AF3”: 90,000 hours)
Features a lightweight design utilizing an aluminum die cast frame, and includes a lock-type connector on the motor and sensor.


High precision metering pump optimized for immunoassay analyzers


High corrosion resistance
PVDF or ECTFE is used for the pump head material. Supports the transfer of strong alkaline.


High precision metering pump optimized for dialysis machines


High-temperature capability
Can be cleaned with water as hot as 95˚C.

Specifications (OEM pumps)

Model V-07AF4 V-05ZF(P)66-P V-07AEP06-P V-07AF(P)66-P V-07AFP06-P
0.1 0.1 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 0.1, 0.2
Flow range
1 – 20 0.5 – 30 0.5 – 90 0.5 – 90 0.5 – 60
Rotation speed
10 – 200 10 – 300 10 – 300 5 – 300 5 – 300
Max. discharge pressure
40 150 150 150 200

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