Why quality control is our strength

We are confident about our product quality because of the Quality Assurance System backed by technical capabilities and production capacity

Reason quality control is our strength

We believe “all steps in production are quality control processes”. This thought process is thoroughly implemented throughout the production setups in our Saitama and Miharu plants.
We have established an ISO9001 based Quality Assurance System and we manage the entire process from procurement to production. Especially in the inspection stage, we aim to achieve zero defects using the latest measurement devices and test equipment.
This production philosphy which continuously strives to deliver high quality products to our customers is one of the reasons for our confidence.

ISO9001 and ISO14001 based control system

ISO9001 and ISO14001 based control system

We received ISO9001 certification in 1996. We have rigorous standards in place and continuously optimize and streamline core design and production processes for quality improvement.
We received ISO14001 certification in 2005 and have many measures to minimise our environmental impact.

Saitama plant and Miharu plant, our global production bases with rigorous production control

Saitama plant and Miharu plant, our global production bases with rigorous production control

The Miharu and Saitama plants supply our products all over the world under rigorous production systems compliant with ISO9001, ISO14001 and our own integrated control systems. At the Saitama plant, mainly large process pumps are manufactured. At the Miharu plant, in addition to the best selling MD series of magnetic drive pumps, small and compact products are manufactured.
On all production lines we conduct rigorous checks at every process stage and thereby contribute to our customers and society from the aspects of both quality and environment.

Implementation of the latest manufacturing systems and integrated equipment

Implementation of latest manufacturing system and indigenous equipments

In order to handle small lot production that progress in a sequenced manner, we have implemented a cell production method to handle the entire flow from assembly to packaging at the same workstations. We have also implemented an automatic inventory retrieval system. By adopting CIM technologies, we have achieved productivity improvements and reduced turnaround times.
On the other hand, we conduct rigorous inspections right from the point of receiving components. We were one of the first companies to implement the latest inspection equipment such as three dimensional measurement devices for accurately measuring complex-shaped parts and X ray analyzers to comply with regulations for chemicals containing hazardous substances. In order to deliver high quality products, we have implemented various special production systems and improved the operational flow.

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