Why technical capability is our strength

We focus on the research and development of fluid control devices that contribute to the development of many fields, and supply the most advanced products in the industry based on the latest technology

Reason technical capability is our strength

Customers always expect safety in fluid control devices. In addition to obvious attributes like no leakage or breakdown, we must achieve high accuracy according to application needs.
In order to develop products that meet the expectations of our customers, we make significant efforts in research and development. We continuously strive to enhance our technical capabilities so that we can offer high quality products that satisfy our own rigorous internal standards.

Collaboration with sales departments and customer feedback are incorporated in product development

Collaboration with sales department, and customer feed is incorporated in product development

To develop “better products in a shorter time and at lower cost”, our technical departments collaborate with sales departments to put all their efforts into developing products incorporating customer feedback.
Flow capacity, pressure, accuracy, temperature, no pulsation. - products are developed by repeatedly testing over long periods as per customers’ specifications so they can deliver the best performance under all required conditions for fluid control.

20% of all our employees belong to the technical department

20% of all our employees belong to technical department

As a leading manufacturer of fluid control devices, we strive to improve our technical research and development capabilities.
20% of all our employees belong to technical department and are engaged in the development of new technologies and new products. In order to meet the challenging fluid control requirements of customers, we implement the latest technologies at the earliest stages and engage in research and development of next generation pumps and systems.

Contribution to applications in many fields

Contribution to applications in various fields

We have remained at the forefront with our technical capabilities. We have supplied a wide range of fluid control equipment for manufacturing processes in various industries such as semiconductors, water treatment, surface treatment, food processing, paper production, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The details are very diverse and wide ranging.
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Reason for selection

World's leading manufacturer

Advanced technical capabilities

Strength of quality control


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