Pneumatic drive pumps

Ultra-clean specification with strong proven track record in semiconductor manufacturing process.
Indigenously developed bellows pumps have long life, and they also reduce the downtime.

Pneumatic drive pumps FS series

Durability of bellows pumps that form the core, has already been proven by their robust sales record over more than 20 years. All wetted parts use fluoroplastic, and they can handle chemicals used in semiconductor applications such as acids, alkalis, and excess water. External surface of pumps is coated with fluoroplastic so that no metal part is exposed.

Pneumatic drive pump features

  • Long service life of bellows due to indigenous design
  • Contamination-free design of all wetted parts using chemical resistant and heat resistance fluoroplastic.
  • Pumps heads and bellows are welded to form integrated structure, eliminating the concerns of fluid leakage.

Main applications

  • Chemical feeding to washing equipments
  • Circulation of wafer cleaning fluid
  • Feeding of CMP slurry fluid